Platinum Milgrain Ring Guard


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This Platinum Milgrain Ring Guard is a sophisticated and elegant piece designed to protect and enhance your precious engagement or wedding ring. Crafted from high-quality platinum, it offers unmatched durability and an exceptional shine that will last a lifetime. The ring guard features intricate milgrain detailing, adding an extra touch of vintage charm to its design. This platinum ring guard not only safeguards your valuable ring from potential damage but also enhances its appearance by providing additional sparkle and allure. Its versatile design fits most solitaire rings seamlessly, making it the perfect accessory for all special occasions or everyday wear. Enhance the beauty of your cherished ring with this luxurious Platinum Milgrain Ring Guard.
Approx. Finger Size7
Approx. Shank Base Thickness1.19 mm
Approx. Shank Base Width5.56 mm
Ring Top Length x Ring Top Width6.28 mm
Approx. Top Height1.8 mm
Ring FitStandard
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