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Exciting New earrings in Platinum, custom design yours Platinum Earrings

Platinum Earrings from simple to sophisticated styles. Here you'll find the LARGEST selection of Platinum earrings here, diamond studs, Hoops, and lovely gemstone earrings. Maybe a free form design is more your style. Have gold allergy's? Platinum is a great option. Most people with gold allergies are able to comfortably wear Platinum as it is nickel free. Many gorgeous Must See styles.
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Platinum Hoop Earrings
Platinum hinged hoop earrings. These lovely hoops are available in 3 great sizes.
$ 379.99
Round Platinum Beaded Earrings
Round Platinum beaded stud earrings. These adorable earrings measure 9mm in diameter and weigh about 4grams. Cute Platinum earrings for everyday wear.
$ 439.99
Platinum Beaded Drop Earrings
Platinum beaded drop earrings. This intriguing pair of earrings measures about 17.75mm in length (about 3/4 of an inch) by 5.8mm wide. They weigh 3.97grams.
$ 529.99
Platinum Aquamarine Two Stone Earrings
Beautiful Platinum Aquamarine two stone earrings. Vibrant Aquamarine are 3mm AA quality round gems and 4 total .40 ctw.
$ 599.99
Platinum Ball Earrings
Platinum Ball earrings. These Platinum ball earrings are available in several sizes starting with a dainty 3mm ball up to a 6mm ball. A great earring for those allergic to 14k gold.
$ 129.99
Hinged Platinum Hoop Earrings
Sophisticated Platinum hinged hoop earrings. These hoops measure 4mm wide by 14.5mm in diameter. Lovely hoops for any occasion.
$ 1250.55
Platinum Bar Bead Earrings
Platinum bar bead earrings. This modern design measures 11.75mm in length by 2.35mm across. This pair of earrings includes Platinum friction backs.
$ 269.99
Platinum Ear Climber Earrings
Platinum ear climber earrings. This great pair of Platinum earrings measure about 19mm in length, that's a little over 3/4 of an inch by 3.3mm wide. A great pair of simple earrings.
$ 229.99
Platinum Cross Earrings
Delightful dainty Platinum cross earrings. These symbolic little earrings measure 7.3mm in length by 5.4mm across. Earrings include Platinum friction backs. A great pair of earrings.
$ 209.99
Platinum Geometric Earrings
Fun Platinum geometric earrings. This delightful pair of Platinum earrings combines the beauty of a polish and texture finish.
$ 399.99
Platinum Beaded Ear Climbers
Platinum beaded ear climbers are a fun new pair of earrings. They measure about 14.75mm in length, a dainty style. Our price is for the pair including backs.
$ 259.99
Platinum Tube Hoops
Platinum Tube hoops available in a variety of sizes. Price shown for the 10.25mm dainty hoops. All prices are per pair, email if you just need 1 hoop.
$ 299.99
Platinum Double "V" Earrings
Platinum double "V" earrings. These Platinum studs are adorable and measure 8x7.85mm. Earrings are created with 950 Platinum.
$ 239.99
Platinum Crest Earrings
Platinum Crest earrings. Adorable Platinum 950 crest shape earrings measure a femine 9x9.95mm. Perfect little pair of earrings.
$ 189.99
Platinum "X" Earrings
Lovely Platinum 950 "X" design earrings. This pair of post back pierced earrings measure 7.9mm by 7.9mm, a dainty earrings for everyday wear.
$ 259.99
Adorable Diamond Leaf Studs
Adorable Platinum diamond leaf design earrings. These dainty earrings are set with .05ctw diamond accents.
$ 489.99
Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Platinum, Blue Sapphire, and Diamond earrings. Vibrant Blue Sapphires are AA quality and are surrounded in a diamond halo. Diamonds total 1/6ctw in this pair of earrings. Beautiful earrings.
$ 859.99
Platinum Square Earrings
Platinum Square Earrings. An open square design created in luxurious Platinum.
$ 279.99
Platinum Triangle Earrings
Platinum Triangle earrings. This pair of triangle design earrings is adorable made from 950 Platinum.
$ 269.99
Platinum Princess Diamond Studs
Platinum princess diamond studs. Gorgeous platinum diamond studs are available in a large variety of carat weights starting with the 1/3ct tw.
$ 639.99
Platinum Rose Bud Earrings
Gorgeous Platinum rose bud earrings. This platinum earring design measures about 10mm in length by 9mm across. A delightful pair of earrings.
$ 439.99
Platinum Sea Turtle Earrings
Platinum Earrings, adorable Sea Turtle design. These earrings are available in 3 sizes, our price shown is for he dainty 12mm in length by 8mm across weighing aprox. 2.31grams.
$ 339.99
Platinum Faceted Circle Earrings
Platinum faceted circle design earrings. These fun everyday earrings measure about 9mm in diameter and features a faceted for that extra fashion statement. These Platinum earrings have a friction style back.
$ 869.99
Diamond Domed Platinum Earrings
Platinum slightly domed diamond center earrings with friction back. These earrings measure 6.9mm in diameter and weigh 3.29grams. Great little earrings for everyday wear.
$ 479.99
Platinum Squared Stud Earrings
Platinum squared stud earrings. Round diamonds are SI 1-2 G-H in color and each is 1/4ct for a 1/2ctw. Diamond sit in a Platinum square setting to create these unique diamond studs.
$ 2259.99
Platinum Diamond Flower Earrings
Captivating Platinum 950 flower design diamond earrings. These delightful earrings are set with SI 1 clarity G-H color diamonds that total about .30ct tw. You'll love this casual diamond earring perfect for any occasion.
$ 749.99
Platinum Pyramid Earrings
Platinum pyramid diamond accented earrings. This great pair of earrings measures 8x8mm and is set with 1/10cttw diamonds. A great pair of earrings for everyday.
$ 649.99
Platinum Goldfish Earrings
Platinum Happy Goldfish earrings. These goldfish earrings are just adorable. Earrings measure about 17mm top to bottom by 14mm across.
$ 499.99
Platinum Sailboat Earrings
Adorable Platinum Sailboat earrings. This cute pair of earrings measures 10.5mm in length by 7mm across.
$ 349.99
Platinum Bubbles Diamond Earrings
Beautiful Platinum bubbles design diamond earrings. These delightful diamond earrings features a platinum ball center surrounded by four round diamonds. Diamonds total about 1/2ct tw for the pair.
$ 1589.99
Platinum Diamond Studs
Platinum diamond martini style studs. These beautiful diamond studs are available in a variety of carat weights. Our price shown is for the 1/4ctw.
$ 459.99
Platinum Knot Earrings
Platinum knot style earrings with a dainty accent diamond center. A great earring design for everyday wear. Diamonds total .06ctw for the pair.
$ 809.99
Platinum Diamond Drop Earrings
Platinum diamond drop earrings. These beautiful drop design leverback earrings feature a wheat etched design around the center diamond then are finished with a milgrain border. Additional carat weights also available in this great design.
$ 2559.99
Platinum Heart Earrings
Pretty Platinum heart earrings with a dainty diamond center. Diamonds are delightful accents are .03ctw for the pair. A loving pair of platinum earrings.
$ 579.99
Fancy Platinum Diamond Earrings
Fancy Platinum diamond earrings. This unique design is set with SI 1 clarity H-I color diamonds totaling aprox. .36ctw for the pair.
$ 1849.99
Platinum Diamond Infinity Earrings
Platinum diamond infinity earrings. Keepsake symbolic design set in a forever metal, what a great pair of earrings. Diamonds total .16ct tw in this pair of earrings and are SI1 clarity H-I color. A wonderful Platinum earring gift.
$ 1299.99
Platinum Diamond Martini Studs
Fabulous Platinum Diamond Studs. Our Platinum diamond martini studs are readily available in a 1ct tw, 1 1/2ct tw, and bold 2ct tw selection.
$ 5999.99
Platinum Diamond Bubble Earrings
Brilliant Platinum bubble diamond earrings. This pair of earrings is set with 1 1/2 ctw SI 1-2 G-H diamonds. The center diamond is .15ct and surrounds with .10ct in this flashy design.
$ 3999.99
Platinum Diamond "J" Hoops
Platinum diamond "J" hoops with a modern design. This unique design is available in 1/4ctw, a larger 1/2ctw, and a larger 1 ctw selection.
$ 999.99
Platinum Diamond Curl Earring
Platinum diamond curl design earrings. This adorable pair of earrings is set with SI 1 clarity G-H color diamonds that total 1/5ct tw.
$ 1109.99
Platinum Inside Out Diamond Hoops
Gorgeous Platinum inside out diamond hoops. Diamonds are SI clarity H+ color and our price shown is for the 1/4ctw pair. Additional carat weights include, 1/2ctw, 3/4ctw, 1ctw, 2ctw, 3ctw, and incredible 5ctw selections.
$ 879.99
Platinum Claddagh Earrings
Platinum Claddagh design earrings. This symbolic pair of earrings measures aprox. 12mm in diameter.
$ 329.99
Platinum Dolphin Earrings
Platinum dolphin earrings. A delight of the sea, these dolphin Platinum earrings measure 20mm in length by about 10mm across.
$ 399.99
Platinum Tropical Flower Earrings
Platinum tropical flower earrings. This post style pair of earrings measures aprox. 23mm top to bottom by 16mm across.
$ 1079.99
Platinum Summer Starfish Earrings
Great Platinum summer starfish earrings. Unique design platinum earrings measure 11mm in length and across. A fun pair of earrings.
$ 349.99
Diamond Rose Platinum Earrings
Gorgeous Platinum Diamond Rose design earrings. Each of these lovely earrings is set with a 2mm round SI 1 clarity G-H color diamond.
$ 879.99
Platinum Diamond Halo Earrings
Platinum Diamond Halo earrings. Very fashionable Halo diamond earrings set with .45ct tw, a lovely pair of earrings.
$ 1499.99
Platinum Sapphire Earrings
Platinum and Blue Sapphire earrings. You''ll love these vibrant Blue Sapphire gems set in Platinum with a diamond accent.
$ 1799.99
Platinum Diamond Trio Leaf Earrings
Lovely Platinum diamond trio leaf earrings. These great earrings feature a three leaf design with 1/2 carat of SI 1 G color diamonds.
$ 1379.99
Platinum Droplet Earrings
Exclusive design Platinum Droplet earrings. Our Platinum droplet earrings measure 32mm in length by a tapered 2 to 4mm in width. You''ll love this design, we also have the perfect matching pendant.
$ 1799.99
Platinum Diamond Flower Earrings
Platinum 950 is set with round diamonds to create these diamond flower earrings. Diamonds are SI 1 clarity G in color and total .68ct tw.
$ 2349.99
Platinum Diamond Star Earrings
Platinum diamond star earrings. These little platinum earrings will add a twinkle to you day. Platinum is 950 and the diamonds total 1/2ct tw.
$ 1699.99
Platinum Ruby Earrings
Beautiful Platinum Ruby and Diamond earrings. These square design earrings feature a square genuine Ruby center with a diamond square frame border.
$ 1799.99
Platinum Heart Earrings
Pretty Platinum heart earrings with a dainty diamond center. Diamonds are delightful accents are .03ctw for the pair. A loving pair of platinum earrings.
$ 579.99
Platinum Dainty Diamond Earrings
Adorable Platinum diamond earrings. This dainty pair of earrings is set with .29ct tw SI 1 clarity G color diamonds. Earrings have a milgrain border and floral design. Great everyday earrings.
$ 1849.99
Platinum Diamond Heart Earrings
Gorgeous Platinum diamond heart earrings. This beautiful pair of diamond heart earrings measure 14mm top to bottom.
$ 1939.99
Diamond Platinum Hoop Earrings
Gorgeous Platinum diamond hoop earrings. This pair of diamond hoop earrings measure 1 inch and are secured with a securehinge design catch. Diamonds total 2.30ct tw and are in SI 1 clarity G in color.
$ 4799.99
Platinum Fancy Wire Earrings
Lovely Platinum fancy wire earrings. These earrings have a pear shape and measure 16mm by 10.25mm. Earrings weigh aprox. 3.95grams.
$ 649.99
Double Halo Diamond Earrings
Gorgeous Platinum double halo design diamond earrings. Center round diamond is surrounded by two diamond halos in this incredible Platinum diamond earring design.
$ 3799.99
Platinum Diamond Big Hoops
Platinum diamond hoop earrings. These incredible platinum diamond hoops measure 2 inches in diameter and are set with a magnificant 2.34cts of vibrant SI 1 clarity G in color diamonds.
$ 6799.99
Diamond Platinum J Hoop Earrings
Platinum channel set diamond J hoop design earrings. Thisl ovely pair of hoop earrings is set with .30ct tw diamonds.
$ 1099.99
Diamond Journey Earrings
Platinum Diamond Journey earrings. Journey diamond earrings are a great symbol of your loves growth thru time.
$ 3599.99
Platinum Diamond Studs
Platinum diamond stud earrings. These wonderful diamond studs total 1/2ct tw for the pair and are SI 1 clarity G-H color.
$ 1599.99
Platinum Diamond Hoop Earrings
Gorgeous Platinum diamond hinged hoop earrings. These incredible earrings are set with SI 1 diamond G-H in color. Diamonds total aprox. .30ct tw for the pair. Incredible quality hinges, these platinum diamond hoops are bound to be a favorite.
$ 1799.99
Platinum Diamond J Hoop Earring
Platinum "J" hoop diamond earrings. These J hoop design earrings feature an "S" style setting, diamonds total .21ct.
$ 1599.99
Platinum Diamond Curl Earrings
Platinum diamond curl design earrings. Each earring is set with an SI 1 clarity G-H color diamond, diamonds total 1/5ct tw.
$ 999.99
Platinum Diamond Drop Earrings
Platinum diamond drop earrings priced with cherry red mexican fire opals are stunning. The fire opals are 6mm round and can be changed for other gemstones.
$ 1799.99
Platinum Pearl Drop Earring
Platinum drop pearl earrings. White Akoya cultured pearl sits beautifully on a platinum base.
$ 839.99
Platinum Heart Design Earrings
Beautiful Platinum design earrings. These great earrings are set with .54ctw SI1 clarity G-H color diamonds adding dazzle to this loving design.
$ 1859.99