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Platinum Chains Under 3mm

Platinum chains that measure less then 3mm in width.

Our smaller Platinum chains are great pendant chains. Platinum is 950 quality pure making it a great hypoallergenic choice. Platinum's beauty and strength make it a perfect choice for your chain necklace. Many of these are great to wear alone.
Always Adding Chains
We are able to create your special customized pendants:
Platinum Foxtail Chain
Perfect platinum foxtail chain. This exciting chain measures 2.6mm in width and is a fabulous wear alone or with a pendant chain. We have this chain in a variety of lengths, price shown is for the 18 inch. Also available in a 7 inch bracelet.
$ 2659.99
Platinum 2.2mm Round Cable Chain
Platinum 950 round cable chain. This classic round cable design measures 2.2mm in width and is available in several lengths, price shown is for the 16" length.
$ 824.99
Platinum 1.2mm Wheat Chain
Beautiful Platinum 1.2mm wheat chain. This traditional style chain is available in a 16", 18", and a 20" length. Platinum chain is secured with a lobster clasp, lovely and durable pendant chain.
$ 739.99
Platinum 1.6mm Wheat Chain
New Platinum 1.6mm Wheat chain. This great new chain features a large lobster clasp and is a durable chain great for pendants.
$ 689.99
Platinum 1.8mm Round Cable Chain
Platinum 1.8mm Round cable chain. This chain is a great pendant chain and available in a variety of lengths. Our price shown is for the 16"" length.
$ 629.99
Diamond Cut Platinum Curb Chain
Beautiful Platinum diamond cut curb chain. This fabulous chain is available in a 1.8mm and a larger 2.8mm wide selection. This platinum chain features a nice tight link, great for a large pendant or to wear alone. Our price shown is for the 18" length 1.8mm width chain.
$ 749.99
Solid Platinum Cable
Platinum 1.5mm Solid cable chain. Order this great pendant chain in a 16", 18" or 20" selection.
$ 489.99
Platinum Diamond Cut Box Chain
Platinum diamond cut box chain. This box chain measures 1mm in width and is available in a 16, 18, and 20 inch length. A great chain for a pendant.
$ 579.99
Platinum Combination Chain
Our Platinum combination chain measures 2.8mm in width and weighs about 37.3grams for the 16 inch length. Custom made to order design, can be created in your favorite length.
$ 3799.99
Platinum Wave Design Necklace
Pretty Platinum wave design necklace. Platinum necklace measures 2.2mm in width and price shown is for the suggested 16 inch length. Custom made to order necklace available in any length.
$ 2199.99
Platinum Wheat Chain
Platinum beautiful wheat chain. This Italian made Platinum wheat chain measures 2.4mm in width and is available in a variety of lengths.
$ 1729.99
Platinum Cable Pendant Chain
Platinum Pendant Cable Chain. This Platinum cable chain measures 1mm wide is available in a 16", 18", and 20" length. Email for custom length pricing.
$ 264.99
Platinum Rounded Snake Chain
Platinum 1.6mm round snake chain. This platinum chain looks great with a pendant or alone. Our price shown is for the 16" length weighing 11 grams, also available in an 18, 20, 24, and a 30 inch length.
$ 1059.99
Platinum Rope Chain
Platinum Solid Diamond Cut Rope chain. This rope chain measures 1.5mm in width and the 16"" length weighs 10.7grams. Additional lengths are available and gram weights are listed next to the length selection. At this time the 1.5mm rope is the largest rope chain we have available.
$ 989.99