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Pendant Chain

Platinum Pendant Chains
Platinum pendant chains, large selection of styles. Chains in this section are available in 18" lengths, Platinum is .950 quality. Durable Platinum pendant chains look great with a cross, pendant, or a simple accent to any outfit.
Affordable Chains

Platinum 1.2mm Box Chain
Platinum 1.2mm box chain. Our Platinum 1.2mm box chain is a larger version of the ever popular box chain. The box chain is very durable and beautiful to wear.
$ 459.99
Platinum 1mm Round Wheat Chain
Durable Platinum 1mm round wheat chain. This chain is a great pendant chain and available in a 16" length and a longer 18" version.
$ 299.99
Platinum Diamond Cut Box Chain
Platinum diamond cut box chain. This box chain measures 1mm in width and is available in a 16, 18, and 20 inch length. A great chain for a pendant.
$ 579.99
Platinum .7mm Cable Chain
Platinum Cable chain. Our Platinum .7mm is a nice little pendant chain with a great quality lobster clasp. Price shown is for the 16 inch length, also available in an 18 and 20 inch length.
$ 319.99
Platinum .7mm Box Chain
Platinum .7mm box chain. Platinum box chain is a great pendant chain, very durable and with this Italian style lobster clasp a perfect choice.
$ 259.99
Platinum Wheat Chain
Fantastic Platinum 1.1mm Wheat chain. Our Platinum is .950 top quality. Chain is available in 16", and an 18" length.
$ 359.99
Platinum 1mm Curb Chain
Platinum 1mm curb chain. Dainty chain for a small pendant or to wear alone. Chain is 18"" in length.
$ 249.99
Platinum 1.2mm Wheat Chain
Beautiful Platinum 1.2mm wheat chain. This traditional style chain is available in a 16", 18", and a 20" length. Platinum chain is secured with a lobster clasp, lovely and durable pendant chain.
$ 649.99
Platinum Cable Rope Chain
Platinum Cable Rope chain. Chain is solid .950 Platinum and measures 16 inches in length. Measures 1.3mm wide.
$ 329.99
Platinum Barleycorn Chain
Platinum Barleycorn chain. This unique platinum chain measures 1.1mm in width and available in a 16 or an 18 inch length.
$ 299.99
Platinum Venetian Box Chain
Platinum veneitan box chain. This great Platinum pendant chain is .8m wide and available in a 16 or 18 inch length. The Venetian box is a softer version of our regular box, rather then square design it has rounded edges.
$ 279.99
Platinum Diamond Cut Rope Chain
Solid Platinum 1.5mm diamond cut rope chain. This beautiful Platinum chain is a great pendant chain and available in a variety of sizes.
$ 979.99
Solid Platinum Cable
Platinum 1.5mm Solid cable chain. Order this great pendant chain in a 16", 18" or 20" selection.
$ 439.99
Platinum Round Cable Chain
Platinum round cable also called Rolo chain. This platinum chain measures 3mm in width and our price shown is for the 16" length. Additional lengths also available.
$ 1349.99
Platinum Cable Pendant Chain
Platinum Pendant Cable Chain. This Platinum cable chain measures 1mm wide is available in a 16", 18", and 20" length. Email for custom length pricing.
$ 264.99